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Understand the Astrological Effects of the Precious Gemstones

Do you know that gemstones always have a special significance in the Vedic astrology? Since old ages, gemstones have been accessed to liberate the issues caused by the planets. Gone are the days when kings and people from the upper class used to wear the gemstones to enjoy the goodness of life, which recommended by the astrologers. However, everyone today starts to wear gemstone after knowing its real benefits.

Presently, wearing gemstones to get relief from the planetary effects is increasing rapidly. People who wear a gemstone after analyzing their birth chart and horoscope will surely reap unlimited benefits in every area of their life. It includes illness, business, education, health, and so on. Due to its, gemstones plays a vital role in the Vedic astrology so far.

Know the Powers of Gemstones

In our astrologer own experience, natural gemstones can render unlimited advantages for the wearer. Based on the Vedic astrology, our nine planets represent nine different gemstones. It includes Ruby (sun), Pearl (moon), emerald (mercury), yellow sapphire (Jupiter), coral (mars), blue sapphire (Saturn), diamond (Venus), cat’s eye (Ketu), and hessonite (Rahu).

It is highly important to know about the gemstone, which you are going to wear whether it gives you good or evil effects based on your horoscope. When you wear a gemstone without knowing about these things, you will not enjoy its benefits to the fullest and sometimes face many bad things. This is where the need of consulting the astrologer who specializes in offering gemstone comes into play.

Explore the Benefits of Seven Different Gemstones

Pearl – It is used to eliminate the evil effects of the moon and strengthens the mind. Additionally, it also enhances good sleep and even cures insomnia, heart issues, uterine disorder, eye problem, etc. It improves sexual strength, makes your life happy, and increases fortune.

Ruby – It is said to render fame, name, vigor, commanding power, and virtue to its user. It also improves the status of the wearer. It is usually red in color and assists to cure ulcer, fever, gout, etc. Women should avoid wearing rube because it can kill the body luster.

Emerald – It boosts brainpower and intelligence. Additionally, it increases facilities related to the brain such as intellect, ability to learn, and communication. Newlywed couples should not wear emerald as it affects conjugal happiness because of the reduction in sexual desires.

Diamond – Person who wears a diamond leads a luxurious life. It is also supposed to improve the fame, name, and artistic quality of the wears. It also boosts sexual power and cures skin and uterine diseases.

Yellow sapphire – It is highly helpful in Vedic and astrology properties. It has several healing powers and is extremely vital in star signs. This gem can increase the financial status of the person and render good health, honor, and success.

Blue sapphire – It removes all the evil effects of the Saturn as it has a magical power to elevate its wearer to the high position in all sides. Sometimes, it may react adversely so that you should test it for one week before final wearing.

Cat’s eye – It is helpful in eliminating the evil influences of Ketu and health issues offered by mars. It protects the person from hidden enemies, diseases, and mysterious dangerous.

There are also many other kinds of Gemstones which can suit you for your better future. Contact Pandit Ravikant Shastri Ji to know the suitable Gemstone for you. Contact Pandit Ji by calling him at +91-9878895689.

Get Best Gemstones

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